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Wed Oct 22 11:21:58 BST 2008

The *Cyprus Ubuntu/Fedora Linux Community* in co-operation with the 
*Information Systems and Technology Department* of *Cyprus University of 
Technology *invites you...

With the new Linux releases of Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" and Fedora 10 
"Cambridge", we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a 
Linux and Free Software Presentation which will be held at the Cyprus 
University of Technology (CUT - ?????) in Limassol.

During the event, there will be several presentations as well as Linux 
workshops, where users will have the opportunity to use these new 
systems as well as their applications. At the end of each presentation a 
discussion will follow. All workshops will be supervised by experienced 
members of the community who will assist the public in familiarizing 
themselves with Linux. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own 
Computer for a demonstration or to even receive technical support from 
the community.

Free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Fedora CDs will be distributed to everyone!!

The event will take place on the 8^th of November, 2008 at the CUT 
(?????) campus on Athinon str. in the Old Cadastre (Palio Ktimatologio)


_Presentations (Peukios Georgiades Amphitheater):_


      *16:00.* Introduction -- History/Philosophy of GNU/Linux and Free


      *17:00.* Educational -- Academic Applications


      *18:00.* Advantages -- Applications of GNU/Linux in Business


      *19:00.* Installation of Ubuntu Server as a Domain Controller


      *20:00.* The Shell and its applications

_Workshops (Computer Labs of EXOD -????):_


      Educational Applications


      Academic -- Scientific Applications


      Office Applications


      Graphics -- Multimedia -- Design


      Linux Installation Workshops



If you want to help promoting the event you can print the Flyers and the
Announcement from the links below:

*Everyone** is invited to the event.*

*Come and meet the world of Linux!*

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