We need a Reporter

Savvas vicedar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 11:29:51 BST 2008

No, we don't need a newspaper/tv reporter! :)

But I was thinking that if anyone can spare time to:
1) track down our members' activities.
2) give me a monthly report once every month or every 2-3 months with
a list of the most important activities, for example:

It shouldn't take much of your time, and I can't track everything down alone! :)
If you're interested, you can reply here that you're on the job, and
start tracking down our members:
1) at launchpad https://launchpad.net/~cypriotteam.
2) at any forums, e.g. www.ubuntucy.org or www.ubuntuforums.org
(provided you know their usernames of course). You could be tracking
down the number of members, the active "hot" topics, anything that can
show the team's activities and current projects.
3) at any events that the loco organized.

You can then send a monthly report as an email in this mailing list
and I'll update the wiki page properly:
You could update the wiki page directly, but you still have to send an
email in the mailing list, so I could make any necessary changes
(Categories so the other wiki pages can search them properly)

A new monthly report wiki page name could be, for example, if it's for
October 2008:

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