Structure for UOS May 17

Michael Hall mhall119 at
Tue May 9 15:58:26 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

With the major changes recently in Canonical and the fact that we're all
still adjusting to them, we've come to the conclusion that taking time
away from that work to organize and run an Ubuntu Online Summit.

But because there is still a lot of work to do in preparing for Ubuntu
17.10, both on the desktop as well as the cloud and IoT side, we do
still want to have those kinds of discussions with anybody who wants to
be a part of that work. So please join the mailing lists, IRC channels, or for that.

I'll work on a more general post to send out to,
including links to the above communication channels, but I wanted to
respond to the mailing list question first (I've been out on holidays
for two weeks, or I would have responded even sooner).

Michael Hall
mhall119 at

On 05/04/2017 07:17 AM, Ian Weisser wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm not seeing UOS May 17 built out in Summit yet, nor any blueprints
> in Launchpad, nor the usual pre-UOS discussions on the blogs and in the
> newsies. Nor any delay/cancellation notice. Er, it's supposed to start
> in a few days. Is it?
> I'm also not seeing any community discussion on the ubuntu-community-
> team list for community UOS topics, goals, or metrics. A bit of pre-
> planning seems wise to keep community roundtables useful.
> The Ubuntu project has undergone some big changes...and it's surprising
> how quiet u-c-t's normal contributors have been quiet.
> Cheers,
> Ian

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