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José Antonio Rey jose at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 30 18:28:31 UTC 2016

In the past, the On Air team experieced Disqus, IRC, and both in one 
broadcast. We decided to stick to IRC since it was easier to keep logs, 
everything would be in one place, and the Ubuntu folks are already on 
freenode. We tweaked a bit the page, added an irc:// link for those who 
use a client, and an iframe with webchat for those who didn't. So yes, 
we have experienced with different platforms, and I feel the outcome 
will be the same. Plus, some people don't have Google accounts 
(required) due to privacy issues.

In the past Jorge and I used to organize "Ubuntu on Air" sessions, which 
were basically a 15-30m Q&A with different people who made it possible 
to have the release done. I was even thinking on a livestream with the 
release team as they did the release, but it got a bit complicated due 
to time constraints. I could say the weekly Q&As have replaced these 
Ubuntu on Air sessions, making it more flexible since community members 
have more time to answer questions.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the Ubuntu on Air platform is 
open to any community member who is willing to make a livestream over 
there. We were exploring ways to make it even more open, but for now you 
can email onair at ubuntu.com and we'll schedule you. You can even find 
what info we need and an example email over here: 

If you have any suggestions about On Air, please speak up!

On 03/30/2016 11:07 AM, Simon Quigley wrote:
> On Mar 30, 2016 7:56 AM, "Jorge O. Castro" <jorge at ubuntu.com
> <mailto:jorge at ubuntu.com>> wrote:
>  > - Remember when we did the virtual release party and people brought
>  > beer and we covered a bunch of free form topics? Make it more
>  > personable and fun!
> I thought someone had this brought up recently. I think this is awesome
> and I fully support it. I haven't been around the community for that
> long(so I don't know if it happened before), but I think a virtual
> release party would be awesome. FWIW +1.
>  > - Get some guests to come on to do Q+A with you. And not just Ubuntu
>  > people but people who use Ubuntu in their projects. Maybe have one of
>  > the Owncloud guys talk about their new hardware kit, a Q+A with the
>  > System 76 folks, someone from a linux game porting company like Feral
>  > or Aspyr, Joey from OMG. The Sputnik team, the Mycroft Guys. Anyone
>  > from Bq or Meizu, etc ...
> This is an awesome idea. I already see this quite a bit in Linux
> Unplugged (Jupiter Broadcasting) and I love the format. +1
>  > - Marius had a point about answering comments on youtube live. I think
>  > if it felt more like a live streaming show more akin to the more
>  > popular Twitch channels we'd have a chance to grab people who wouldn't
>  > normally listen in.
> Then what's the point of the IRC channel? I see how this can be used,
> but I'm afraid the fragmentation will eventually hurt it.
> Simon Quigley
> tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com <mailto:tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com>
> tsimonq2 on Freenode

José Antonio Rey

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