Status update from the Community Team (Wk 11-12)

Michael Hall mhall119 at
Fri Mar 25 14:09:35 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

Here are the Community Team's highlights from the last couple of weeks.
Please let me know if we've left anything out.

# Weeks 11-12 highlights

## General
- Started call[1] for renewing the admin team of the China LoCo.
- Held a meeting with the Docs team[2].
- Said goodbye to Nick[3] - all the best in juju QA!
- Held a planning meeting with the UbuCon Europe organisers.
- Helped out with sponsoring patches to Ubuntu, did another call for
help on the mailing list.
- Meeting with JJ from and helped somewhat with organising the
landing of their new releases in Ubuntu.
- Started collecting Scopes Showdown results, winners announcement
coming soon.
- Help the Desktop Team with a call for AppStream compatible application
- Continued assisting the UbuCon Europe team with planning and organization

## Developer site
- The big deployment finally happened, we have upgraded to a newer
version of Django, Django CMS and lots of other components.
- All remaining fixes (important importer fixes, another update of
components and many other things) are merged into trunk and will be
deployed soon.
- Minimised the pip-cache branch, we’re down from 150M to 40M per checkout.

## Snappy
- Summarised and published Snappy 16.04 survey response[5].
- Worked on snapcraft examples and doc for the desktop use-case.

## Core Apps
- Uploaded new terminal to the store which fixes a few bugs
- New Telegram uploaded to the store which enables side stage mode


Michael Hall
mhall119 at

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