Formal closure of Ubuntu Classroom

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Feb 24 10:37:18 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

On 20.02.2016 03:17, Elizabeth K. Joseph wrote:
> The last Ubuntu Classroom session on IRC happened back in 2014.
> We had a great run lasting 8 years and we learned a lot! But after
> some chats with folks this week it has become clear that it's time to
> bring this project to a close, shut down the IRC bots, adjust the
> channel topics and shut down the ubuntu-classroom mailing list.

Thanks a lot for your fantastic work on the Classroom team! As a user
and part-time organiser I'm very happy with what we achieved as a
community. Big big hugs to everyone!

> I've updated the wiki page for the project to reflect the closure:
> Thanks for the support over the years. If you have further ideas about
> Classroom or other opportunities for learning platforms in the Ubuntu
> community, please post follow-ups on the Ubuntu Community Team mailing
> list at ubuntu-community-team at, which I've Cc:ed on
> this email.

If anyone has new crazy ideas on how we can educate our users, bring
them up on the ubuntu-community-team list.

Have a great day,

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