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Fri Feb 19 21:36:39 UTC 2016

On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 9:11 AM, Michael Hall <mhall119 at> wrote:
> On 02/19/2016 10:38 AM, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>> On 19/02/16 17:32, Walter Lapchynski wrote:
>>> So it was brought to my attention by bapoumba that a lot of our
>>> [recent wiki spam][1] has been created by a user that does not have a
>>> Launchpad account. It seems that as long as there is a valid SSO
>>> login, the existence of the LP account doesn't matter. The other thing
>>> that is interesting to note is that there is sometimes long gaps
>>> between posts on the wiki by this user.
>> I believe this is partly due to the changes IS lately did related to
>> accounts; I believe you now can get a user ID without linking a
>> Launchpad account with your Ubuntu SSO account. (This is intended and
>> preferred, FWIW.)
> This change happened many years ago, so it's not the immediate cause of
> the recent spam.

The switch to Ubuntu SSO may have happened "many years ago" but the
addition of the username is new-ish, I worked with IS on the ticket
for some time. As knome says, it's intended and preferred, since it
was previously failing silently for new users who only had Ubuntu SSO
and no username, all pages kept showing as Immutable. This was
obviously a very bad experience for them and led us (the doc team) to
fielding a lot of bugs and messages about how people couldn't edit
pages even after logging in. Not to mention whatever edits were lost
by people who didn't bother reaching out to ask why they couldn't edit
the wiki after logging in.

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