Status update from the Community Team (Wk 1-6)

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Feb 12 17:17:24 UTC 2016


it's been a while since the last status update. Not because we've been
slacking off and nothing happened, but because we forgot to send out
these notes. No worries though, you get to read a much longer update
this time around. :-)

# Weeks 1-6 highlights

## Developer portal

- Javascript Scopes API docs published
- Markdown importer progress: mimic github markdown more closely, link
rewriting, image handling and many small bugs fixed
- New tests added
- Upgrade to Django 1.8 + new major CMS version in the tubes
- Working prototype of the online scopes generator
- Started the integration of a snippets database
- Deployments only in January, due to various stack issues and an IP
range change slowing down the testing process
- Javascript Scopes APIs published

## App development

- Review big MP [1] (second one [2]) reorganising click-reviewers-tools
to deal with 16.04 snaps too.
- Scopes Showdown [3] announced
- In-App Payments pilot program started
- Fix a bug [4] where the review tools identify .mo files as “compiled
- Looked into an issue [5] where the review tools don’t find external


## Snappy
- Integrated more guides into official snapcraft and snappy docs,
including most of the Snappy App Developer Manual. Almost finished, last
big chunk missing are the security docs (need update from 15.04 → 16.04).
- Planned and announced more Snappy Clinics [1].
- Wrote code [2] to automatically generate reference from snapcraft’s
help command.
- Reviewed website together with Didier Roche.


## General community
- UbuCon summit! (Trip report [1])
- Helped Martin Wimpress with applying for upload rights.
- Patch pilot session [2].
- Published trip report for UbuCon Summit / SCaLE14x.
- Scopes Showdown sessions and support, with a lot of 1 on 1
interaction, come to #ubuntu-app-devel and ask away!
- Announced intent to participate in GSoC [3], started planning.
- Started discussions with UbuCon Europe organisers.
- Started UOS 16.05 planning.
- Announced Winners of Google Code In
- Kicked off Google Summer of Code Application
- 200+ Videos from long-past UDS events uploaded to YouTube after video hosting site was mothballed. Currently set
unlisted. More news on these later.
- Asked developers to encourage people whose work they’ve sponsored.
Looking at team group chats (“irc alternatives” such as Mattermost,
Slack, etc.).
- Added to aid discovery
of official flavours
- Began coordinating Fairphone 2 port


## Core Apps

- Comprehensive UX review of multiple applications running on new tablet
hardware uncovered a significant number of papercut size bugs in some of
our apps. Work began on triage and fixing those.
- Updated Terminal, File Manager, Calendar, Shorts & DocViewer were
uploaded to the click store containing numerous fixes
- Added Presentation mode for PDFs in DocViewer
- Discussions regarding Dekko becoming the default Email client on
device are ongoing. Wider testing across various IMAP mail services
around the world would be most welcome, as always
- Work began on adding streaming support to the Music app and platform
Numerous bugs fixed in the Terminal app with contributions from new
developers, Evan and Bart - thanks guys!

Thanks everyone for your hard work!

Have a great weekend,

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