Future of Ubuntu Discourse?

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 15:25:44 UTC 2016

Benjamin Kerensa:
> Unless Ubuntu Forums Council and Canonical can come to an agreement to
> sunset vBulletin and keep it for archival purposes only and begin using
> discourse then I don't see discourse taking off.

I find the layout of the Ubuntu Discourse somehow confusing.

The interface is just too plain and the colour palette too pale, so you 
cannot distinguish elements at first look. Also the upper orange bar 
takes a lot of page space, leaving little readable area.

I don't know if that can be configured, but it obviously needs a tweak. 
I would try to improve that before shutting the platform down, because 
you cannot tell if something is a good idea been badly baked.

It's like when Ubuntu One was shut down. It isn't that people weren't 
interested in having a free file sync platform in Ubuntu, but just that 
they disliked their files to be WIPED.

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