Community team weeks 43+44 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Oct 30 15:42:08 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here are some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical
together with some other community members have been working on this week:

## General community
- UOS organisation and schedule announcement [1] - get your sessions in if
you haven’t! [2]
- Daniel and David represented the team at Ubucon DE. dpm gave a talk about
convergence and the phone, dholbach gave a talk with svij and ogra about
snappy and snapcraft. Both talks were popular and well received. Some
pictures [3] [4]
- UbuCon Summit organization continues. The Summit got announced [5]

## Quality
- Prep work for next version of Ubuntu font testing
- Image [6] and package [7] trackers setup with xenial milestones and
testsuites. Xenial Desktop images can now be tested.
- Core apps automated testing: new core apps Jenkins soft launched. Old
Jenkins will continue to run in parallel next week, and will be sunset
after. New Jenkins allows for test runs to occur on a real device!
- New testsuite for Pilot [8] application pushed to store. Update and
submit the new results. This testsuite tests general phone usability,
rather than specific applications.

## Core Apps
- File Manager updated in store incorporating numerous fixes and
preliminary support for connecting to SAMBA servers
- Updated clock app with Daylight Savings fixes passed QA and uploaded to
the store
- Redesigned Weather app approved by QA and uploaded to the store,
replacing and deprecating the old brightly coloured Weather app.
- Design Team reviewed current Dekko (Mail) convergence status and provided
lots of constructive developer feedback

## Developer site
- Fixes for easing documentation deployment landed in trunk
- Landed a first series of IA and navigation changes [9] in the Ubuntu Core
- New JavaScript scopes tutorial [10]
- Ubuntu SDK 15.04.1 API documentation published

## Snappy
- Coordinated work and fixed a number of issues in a snappy document for a
customer. We will make sure the docs get back into the regular
- Snappy clinic [11] showing off the goodness of snapcraft 0.3.


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