Community team weeks 45+46 update

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Nov 17 08:03:28 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here are some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical
together with some other community members have been working on in the last
two weeks:

## General community

- The Ubuntu Online Summit took place on 3-5 November. It was one of the
most attended since the last two years. 72+ hours of content around Ubuntu:
you can check the full schedule with video recordings [1] or watch the
tracks summary for an overview [2]
- Preparation of Google Code-In application [3] - which we were accepted
into. We’re now preparing for the start of Code In on 7th December. Looking
for mentors from the Ubuntu Community to help out during the month of
- Organisation of Community Council election
- UbuCon @ FOSSETCON schedule finalized and ready to start on the 19th of
- Global account activated [4] - pilot testing started with new
LoCo team meetup groups. If you are interested in participating in the
pilot, please let us know on this mailing list or by contacting the LoCo
Council at loco-council at
- UbuCon preparation is ongoing:
  - UbuCon Summit sponsorship opportunities defined, waiting final approval

## Developer site

- Work on Django+CMS upgrade.
- Work on fixes for the markdown importer (links work now, article tree
still broken in postgres setting).
- Work on gadget snap list plugin. Looks beautiful now, just needs landing.
- Various fixes in the Snappy section.
- Improved some of the Snappy pages. Started next snappy docs sprint [5]
- Regroup articles (better ‘get started’ section).
- Digest feedback from UOS

## Core Apps

- Pre-release of DocViewer / LibreOfficeKit package made available for
- Update File Manager in the store which streamlines opening of remote files
- Update Terminal in the store to fix a minor font size bug
- Planning meetings were part of the Ubuntu Online Summit

## Quality

- Old core app jenkins has been disabled. Please use now.
- Sudoku and Dropping letters re-added to Jenkins.
- On-going work to sync Pilot with checkbox trunk should land this week.
Look for some new features and bugfixes in the upcoming versions of Pilot
based upon this work.


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