UbuConLA 2015 Ideas

José Antonio Rey jose at ubuntu.com
Wed May 27 16:58:57 UTC 2015

Hey everyone!

I am part of the organizing team for UbuConLA 2015, and I would love to 
hear some ideas of what could we do from this list.

The conference will last for two days (Friday and Saturday). Right now, 
we are planning on plenary and workshop sessions in an auditorium, which 
would have capacity for around 230 people.

We are also thinking on a small-ish expo hall. Since we have a limited 
area to play around, probably 7 or 8 tables. We would have our own 
Ubuntu table, and would love to invite other communities. Since we can't 
have more tables we would have to hand-pick some. What communities do 
you suggest we invite to the conference?

The conference will have sessions in both English and Spanish, so we get 
a broader look in the whole ecosystem.

Since we cannot do everything ourselves, we are planning on having a 
crew for the event. However, they wouldn't only help us with directing 
people around, but also help in case they have any emergency, need 
something at all, including directions around the city for touring and such.

What do you guys think? We have just opened the Call for Papers and 
would *love* to hear your ideas. I'm sure that we'll get a bunch :)

José Antonio Rey

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