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Tue May 26 16:36:46 UTC 2015

Thanks, Rohan.

I just read everything. I am delighted to see some evidence of
Jonathan's claims. Now to delve into it...

>From what I can tell, the CC went through an exhaustive process to
assess the situation. They provided a series of data points about
where they felt Jonathan is not acting within the spirit or acceptable
conventions of the community.

Jonathan's accusation has been one of malice towards him and the
project;. that he has been specifically targeted, primarily because he
challenges the norm. From what I can tell (and I am a casual observer
like anyone else), there is no malice here towards Jonathan. It
appears that the CC acted objectively, accurately, and in the
interests of the Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) communities.

I say this because it is clear that the CC is judging behavior here,
not the content of his opinions, and not specifically maligning
Jonathan. All of the reasons cited for his dismissal are based upon
behavior and conduct, and specifically *negative* behavior and
conduct...behavior and conduct I have seen.

I believe the very same considerations would be made by the CC towards
any other member of the community if they were acting in the same way,
and in fact I have seen cases where the CC has had to deal with
similar, if less extreme, situations.

Also, given the fact that this was handled privately, and the Kubuntu
Council was informed in due course, I feel the professionalism
required in a case such as this was there.

As such, I support the CCs decision.


On 26 May 2015 at 09:25, Rohan Garg <rohangarg at> wrote:
> Full disclosure of all emails between the Kubuntu Council and Ubuntu
> Community Council have been published here [1]
> Regards
> Rohan Garg
> [1]
> On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 6:24 PM, Jono Bacon <jono at> wrote:
>> On 26 May 2015 at 08:02, Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:
>>> Don't play games Paul, you know full well since we've discussed this on the elite Quaker geek channel.
>> I am not a member of the "elite Quaker geek channel", so I ask:
>> [citation needed]
>>> The Ubuntu Community Council have told me to step down from Kubuntu
>>> leadership.  It's an astonishing and unprecedented move.  It was done
>>> without consultation, without references, without any breach of CoC or
>>> leadership CoC.  A council which is enrolled to help the Ubuntu
>>> community now wants to kill off the most successfull part of it and
>>> the most successful community product just because they don't like me
>>> asking some questions.
>> So I am seeing two very serious accusations here:
>>  1. You claim the CC asked you to step down from Kubuntu.
>>  2. You claim the CC have a deliberate intention to kill off the
>> Kubuntu project from the the broader Ubuntu ecosystem.
>> These are very serious charges, Jonathan. Please share the evidence of
>> these claims.
>> This evidence should be clear, undisputed material clearly shows the
>> malice you allege.
>> I am not saying you are wrong and that these things didn't happen, and
>> if you can provide clear evidence the CC have acted in this way, to
>> deliberately target you for removal and the project for removal, then
>> I will be your biggest supporter and advocate. If the evidence lives
>> up to these claims, I would go as far as to request the removal of the
>> current members of the CC, at least those who acted in malice.
>> Until you provide evidence though, this this is not just hyperbole,
>> but harmful hyperbole designed to undermine and malign people without
>> fair cause. This is bad for a community, and this is why you *have* to
>> provide evidence to back up these very serious charges.
>> Thanks,
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>> Jono Bacon
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