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Thanks Paul. I know that helped me focus on the issue a bit better.

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I suspect what has caused this discussion to linger is that the 
questions asked (*about before-April 2013) are at crossed-purposes 
with the many attempts at responses (*about after-April 2013). 
We have the year ("in 2012") in the subject line above as a reminder, 
so it may be useful to focus solely on that timeframe: 
 9 October 2012--5 April 2013 
...We have the possibility of some hard data (from totalling the 
Paypal orders sent to <donations at>[1]), so lets try and put 
the energy into upholding the summing of that hard data! 
[1] To understand the transaction process better, I would encourage 
everyone to visit 
and make a $1 (or more!) donation, in order observe and receive the 
processed email order/receipt. These Paypal order/receipts are what 
can be totalled because they have the individual breakdowns. 
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