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Thanks for reminding me about that list. I took a little bit of time and summarized the obvious Flavor related items in this document.

$2919.79 - Kubuntu
$600 - Gnome

I do agree that moving forward that we need to have a more transparent process. Past practice can't be undone, but we can try to improve on things that are not working optimally.

I want to emphasize that the CC did get an agreement with the Canonical that there are to be no changes to the sliders without consultation first.

- Charles

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On Mon, 18 May 2015, Jono Bacon wrote: 
> constructive approach 
Indeed; I've been uncomfortable with Michael defending a situation 
where there is a lack of data.[1] Michael has done excellent work in 
preparing statements for the 'item_7' slider splits begining 5 April 
2013[2]---after Jono left,[3] the community team took over collective 
responsibility[4]. The recurring discussion has been regarding 
donations in the previous finanical year: 
 9 October 2012[5]--4 April 2013[2]. 
The Paypal setup supplies an itemised order based on the sliders 
(including zero sliders) to the 'donations at' account.[6] 
These allow summing the individual totals. I've tried to prod a 
couple of people, so hopefully the relevant breakdowns of the income 
can be retrieved and made available shortly to give some better idea 
of scale. Following that, I hope that the presentation of (some) hard 
data can focus any discussion to a constructive finality. 
PS. Don't expect a windfall though, for perspective: on my own 
guessimate, the six-month amounts likely wouldn't run the flavour 
build infrastructure and community team for more than perhaps a mere 
[1] Michael Hall, 
"The funds were donated to supporting flavors, that is what the funds were used for." 
[2] Michael Hall, "2013-2014 funding report Q1-Q4", 
[3] Jono Bacon, "Goodbye Canonical, Hello XPrize" 
[4] David Planella, "The Ubuntu Community Donations Program in review" 
[5] Steve George, "Contributions come in many forms" 
[6] "Tell us what we should do more" (View source) 
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