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May I, as a all-day Kubuntu User, interfere? 
The issue at its core seems to be - as far as i understood - that 
Canonical collected Money for flavors of Ubuntu, with the collecting 
as a own Idea of them, but newer really payed that Money to Kubuntu, 

as Jonathan allready stated, he doesn't know at with cost Ubuntu Gnome 
was developed. So Before contacting Canonical and demanding money, 
asking the Ubuntu Gnome team if they got some of the Money - like 
Jonathan did - is the best idea at this state.

Jonathan is only asking other flavours after he recevied an answer from the Community Council that he did not agree with.

Of corse, if canonical collected Money for one reason and now spends 
it for another is critical, and pointing this issue out is definitely 
good. But as Problems allways get worse when money is involved, asking 
other flavors first is definitely a good idea. And no, it's not 
Jonathan's job to get Canonicals finance done. But i wouldn't straight 
away say that Canonical is braking trust or even acting criminally, 
they are acting uncommunicative, in worst case. And if they Spent the 
Money on different Projects, it might be worth asking what projects 
exactly, maybe they did help flavors after all, directly or 
indirectly. pleas keep that in mind. 
Summed up, i think we're still missing information in order to judge 
rather Canonical is acting right or wrong. 
Just my thoughts on the topic, but as i'm not involved i might as well 
simply have no clue how things are going or handled. 
Felix Lange 

The Community Council spent roughly three months researching this issue and arrived at the conclusion that Canonical did not violate the communities trust. We have also worked with Canonical to take steps to ensure that the program runs better going forward.


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