Re: Canonical’s IPRights Policy incompatible with Ubuntu licence policy

Jono Bacon jono at
Fri May 1 22:17:02 UTC 2015

I don't see this as a CC issue: they are going to be unable to push
this forward very quickly. I would raise this directly with the
trademarks team at Canonical.

On 1 May 2015 at 15:14, Rohan Garg <rohangarg at> wrote:
> I've spoken to the CC previously about this, and I was told that
> Canonical is working with the SFLC to figure something out.
> Last update I have is from 28th October, 2014 where I was informed
> that it's still being worked on and there is no estimate on how long
> it'll take :(
> Regards
> Rohan Garg
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