Community team week 25 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Jun 19 17:23:07 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here are some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical
have been working on this week:

## Quality

- QML Templates updated with unit and functional tests for all SDK wizards
- Test suite improvements to calculator and clock
- Discussion and announcement of the Snappy Open Houses initiative

## Core Apps

- New contributions from Niklas Wenzel (thanks Niklas!) merged to Terminal,
including keyboard shortcuts, better ‘exit’ handling and improved scroll
- Reminders app renamed to Notes and multiple fixes to high priority bugs
- Multiple Calendar app fixes from Gary Wang, thanks Gary!
- ‘Fat’ (amd64/i386/armf) packages for Terminal, Clock and Notes uploaded
to store
- Updated Calculator package uploaded to store.
- Enabled ‘web hooks’ at Evernote to enable ‘push-notification’-like
testing in Notes app. In the future this will enable the Notes app to be
notified when Notes, Notebooks or Reminders are edited elsewhere and act
- Tested Unity 8 in LXC session and core apps, filed some bugs and updated
documentation at Screenshots at [1].

## Developer documentation

- New QML/C++ tutorial finished, pending publication
- Planning integration with upstream Snappy docs
- Planning of the dev doc translations dashboard
- Investigation of QML Web rendering
- Investigation of how we can pull information from the store

## UbuCons
- Help with planning of App Contest for UbuConDE

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