request to move the Canonical IP policy web page

Elizabeth K. Joseph lyz at
Wed Jul 22 13:09:39 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 5:00 AM, Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:
> So will the CC get this removed from our website promptly?

While we do have pretty much have control over
through our relationship with the community team at Canonical, the CC
does not run Even we have to to submit bugs[0] in order to
get things looked at by the website team that handles these things.

Instead of going through us for everything, I really want community
members to feel empowered to submit content bugs for content on their
own. If there is push back from Canonical on this then it's something
we can look at and try to help with it, but I don't believe the CC
should be standing in the way of interactions of community members
with Canonical unless there's a problem.


Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph || Lyz || pleia2

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