Ubuntu community volunteer board [UPDATE 4]

Ian Weisser ian-weisser at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 9 19:35:44 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

1) I have successfully integrated the AskNot Tool into the Ubuntu
Communtiy Website theme.

So I have taken down the testing website. If you were still testing on
it, sorry.

2) You can get the straight non-Wordpress HTML -very handy for playing
with the tool and understanding how it works- at

The Github README also includes complete instructions for integrating
the AskNot into a vanilla Wordpress install as a Child Theme.

3) The Ubuntu Community Website isn't a vanilla install - it's highly
customized. So AskNot integration is just customizing it a little more.

If you want to try AskNot integrated into the Ubuntu Community Website,
Be warned that the branch is just the Wordpress theme, not any of the
website content. Since the content is missing, a minor tinkering is
needed to get the tool working: Enable jQuery, and create a page called
'Contribute'. AskNot will appear on that page.

The current AskNot content in the LP branch is identical to the AskNot
content on the non-wordpress GitHub version. Appearance is quite close,
too. After the LP branch gets merged and goes live, the two will

4) I am trying to get AskNot content integrated as a separate php file,
so teams can edit their role postings in Launchpad. However, this has
not been approved yet. We'll see.

5) I have documentation roughed out: How to add/edit/remove a new role,
how to add a submenu. Suggestions for where on the Wiki to place it
(when complete) are welcome.

6) Teams: Don't wait for the tool to go live. Get ready now!
- Download and walk through the HTML version.
- Decide on how you want to advertise your role(s).
- Prepare the landing page for each role in the Wiki. For a great
example, see any of the QA Team roles.
- Finally, add the role to AskNot (when it's up).



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