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> Hi
> Thx for your effort and the work you've done.
> I'm sorry if my comment will be a little bit negative, I don't want to be
> rude, just sharing what I think about it
> I don't think so that having a side menu looking like Unity launcher panel
> is a good idea. I think it's better to choice a flat scrolling content page
> with sub sections as the Canonical's webpage (look at it
> Think about that Ubuntu Community website
>  have to be responsive. I don't think so that your design will be great on
> a phone or a tablet

I have watched the web page and that was exactly what I was proposing.
There was only one more addition to that layout. That was, I was just
teasing the concept of unity because I felt that it was prominent to put
users at ease with unity.

> You also could find all the web guideline here :
> that will help you to design your website
> I love the concept of the video. Maybe it could be great if the videos
> could be made by the same perso who did the Juju or the MaaS video (
> to keep the unity between the
> Ubuntu's websites

No. I too felt the same. It is not offending to put up some comment.

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> .........................................................
> thanks a lot Asheem for your work on this! I particularly like that you
> came up with a proposal to give everyone some ideas already.

It is Aveem Ashfaq.

> I agree with Vincent that we should try to keep the general Ubuntu
> style, but I love the video. A video will reach a lot more people than a
> big wall of text.
This was the actual plan. Drawing a sketch. And that was a trial run. But
never mind, I completely chucked it. Just used the final image.

> Do we have people who would like to work on a video together? We would
> need to figure out:
>  - the message and the story we want to tell
>  - a storyboard (or plot)
>  - the music / artistic aspects
>  - producing the video
> Do we have some experts here or folks who would like to become experts? :-)
I would like to become an expert. Just tell me what software they used. I
will explore my way into it.

And by the way, I am glad you liked my story.

And a question, should we keep on using the community mailing list or get
some new list or something.

And sorry, I have set my subscription to digest mode. So, I am replying to
all of them at a time. Should I change it to non-digest mode.

> Have a great day,
>  Daniel
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