[ubuntu-cloud] Boshlite Experiennce: wasting time

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Fri Jun 6 07:17:31 UTC 2014

hi all

has been 1 week (i think year my team work with bosh and we success
run v1.0 still working 2.0 ), and we mostly developer that using PaaS
rather cloud programmer. and I believe this mailing list is bosh-user
-> using bosh rather developing bosh.

I was asking a vm image that we can run like OpenShift Origin

something like https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/origin-server/release/3/images/openshift-origin.zip

i feel that bosh-lite is not the answer for this question

but,, because I believe that CF is good esp after become foundation,
and i believe there is not VM for CF yet, this is prospect for us :)..
so waste our time to get this image.

and i see there is Canonical working in CF

I wish there will be another PPA for CF, including Spiff etc, which we
dont have to compile, and we can split the team between compiling
source code like cf-release, bosh-lite etc,

will there be a CF repo inside ubuntu or may be under yum package also
(do CF relevance in RPM world, if the Redhat have OpenShift).

so anyone that success, willing you share your vm to me :)

why i am posting this?

1. We are teaching PaaS to student www.facebook.com/meruvian, bring
PaaS experience to them. we have small tutorial using CF 1.0 but we
think using old Ubuntu 10x is not a good , esp after heartbleed case..
I wish middleschool student also can use this PaaS.. we evaluate
Hub.jazz.net, but based on our country ecosystem install locally in
several case is a must.

2. I think create CF army / community is the future of our work here.

3. we need bring experience to people/developer to raise popularity,
but working with CF sound like work with oracle with java, there is
source code only OpenJDK and binary from Oracle.com (CF source code
and Pivotal-CF binary installer).

sorry for this email :)

anyone have VM that ready to use , would you share the VM, rather I
have to compile, still stuck in spiff :)


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