[ubuntu-cloud] Potential Server Seed impact for 14.04: removal of OpenJDK/Tomcat7 from Ubuntu main

Edward Holcroft eholcroft at mkainc.com
Tue Jan 21 21:14:07 UTC 2014

Not having a well-supported OpenJDK would be a disincentive for me. All my
12.04 Tomcat servers use OpenJDK. I was planning continue this arrangement
when we upgrade to 14.04.

I hope I'm not alone in saying it's most comforting to have a well
supported OpenJDK/Tomcat solution on Ubuntu. I would not want to resort to
using Oracle.


On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 1:16 PM, James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com> wrote:

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> Hi Folks
> The first round of seed review changes have now been applied to the
> server seeds; quite a few bits have dropped out of main and the size
> of the server ISO has reduced!
> Next - the foundations team have been reviewing whether we should
> continue to provide OpenJDK as the default Java implementation in
> Ubuntu; this package is quite a resource drain on both the foundations
> and security teams from a SRU perspective so demotion of openjdk7 to
> universe is being considered.
> Most Java-ish things in main can be built using gcj; however Tomcat7
> is not going to work with gcj so would end up being demoted as well.
> What do people think to this plan?  Are OpenJDK and Tomcat7 important
> packages for Ubuntu users? Will not having a well supported OpenJDK
> implementation in Ubuntu main discourage people from using Ubuntu to
> host their Java based applications?  Or do users still just use the
> Oracle Java downloads instead and ignore what Ubuntu provides?
> Let me know what you think...
> Cheers
> James
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