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Ben Howard ben.howard at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 21 23:11:13 UTC 2013


There was a problem with the precise box...if you retry, the vb-guest
extensions are installed. We are using the Universe packages of
Virtualbox guest tools. Despite the warning, they should work.

For the provisioner, at this point we haven't installed chef-solo or
puppet due to versioning issues and questions. We are considering them,
but it'll likely be a little bit of time before we introduce them.

But thank you for kicking the tires.


On 01/19/2013 02:16 PM, Janez Troha wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried precise box and essentially it's missing one of the most
> used provisioners (chef-solo or puppet). Or do you guys think about
> support charms somehow?
> Also vb-guest extension are missing (for obvious reasons). However the
> best way to install them is to
> use https://github.com/dotless-de/vagrant-vbguest (handled by the box
> itself).
> Everything else works fine.
> :)


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