[ubuntu-cloud] Cloud-config and mount points

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 12 03:56:31 UTC 2012

On Wed, 11 Jul 2012, Bo Shi wrote:

> Some context; we're using the Canonical AMI's as the base distribution to build
> our own images in our continuous integration pipeline.  One concern is that
> overriding cloud_init_modules and cloud_config_modules will make upgrading more
> error prone as we will need to manually check that the default listing has not
> changed.

Thats understandable. 2 things:
a.) http://pad.lv/1023179 is a bug that somewhat covers this.  The idea
would be that you could do
 cloud_config_modules-: mounts
  - ...
  Althoug Its not htat useful when you're wanting to insert something at
the beginning of that list.

b.) within a stable release, we aren't going to change the default list on
a whim.  We did insert one and SRU it for the apt-disable-pipelining issue
to allow usage of S3 mirrors.  I hadn't considered this negative affect.
   We tried to announce that change as widely as possible.

   But anyway, within a stable release, that list isn't really going to
change.  Thats why they're called "Stable".  So for 5 years, you can use
that user-data on 12.04.  If you move your base to 12.10, you should
re-check the modules.

  I dont' have a better solution than that for you without thinking more.

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