[ubuntu-cloud] [BETA ANNOUNCEMENT] Regional S3-backed EC2 Mirrors

Ben Howard ben.howard at canonical.com
Thu Jan 5 18:03:30 UTC 2012

Over the last couple of months, some of our users have provided feedback
about a number of concerns regarding the EC2 Ubuntu mirrors. Ubuntu
engineering has undertaken a task to solve the problems encountered in
EC2, such as outages, performance and VPC access [1].

The results of these engineering efforts is the _BETA_ availability of
S3-backed EC2 Mirrors in all AWS Regions [2]. These new S3 Mirrors are
hosted and created using Amazon AWS products (Autoscaling, S3, and
EC2).  With these new mirrors we are also exploring how to notify our
community of outages or diminished capabilities (i.e. Twitter, Amazon
SNS, email, etc); we expected the notification system will be delivered
later in the development cycle.

As with any beta, feedback is crucial to success. If you encounter a
problem using the beta mirrors, please file a bug in LaunchPad (and
assign it to "utlemming") or send me an email. We absolutely want to
make sure that we get these mirrors right, and any feedback would be
most appreciated.

Finally, you can access these new mirrors by using the
"<REGION>.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com.s3.amazonaws.com", where <REGION> is
the canonical AWS region name. For example, the mirror in "us-east-1" is


[1]: VPC access to the mirrors will be fixed once the mirrors move out
of beta
[2]: Beta mirrors access is not available in AWS GovCloud


Ben Howard
ben.howard at canonical.com
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