[ubuntu-cloud] Ubuntu EC2 Precise AMI does not include AUFS

Steve Beattie sbeattie at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 10 23:28:19 UTC 2012

On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 03:22:44PM -0700, Ken Elkabany wrote:
> I've been following the development of Ubuntu Precise, and was happy to see
> that AUFS would be included, despite its deprecation in favor of OverlayFS.
> However, the most recent (tagged as April 9th) Precise AMI (ami-3741985e)
> in the EC2 us-east-1 region, does not include AUFS (checked by "modprobe
> aufs"). I do see that AUFS is included in the Linux source for 3.2.0-22.
> Any ideas why the AUFS module is not there?

It's in the extra modules package for the virtual kernel; install the
linux-image-extra-virtual metapackage which will pull in the one for the
current version of the kernel (and keep pulling in the appropriate one
as the kernel gets updated).

Steve Beattie
<sbeattie at ubuntu.com>
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