[ubuntu-cloud] A Few Questions ...

Thomas Oatess teoatess at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 20:49:52 UTC 2011

I am not that familiar with grub.  Actually I am fairly new to cloud 
computing in general.

When I perform a dist-upgrade to a virtual machine and reboot it ... why 
doesn't it boot with the upgraded kernel?  Example is the current 
oneiric ... upgrading from 3.0.0-12 -> 3.0.0-13.  I need the drbd module 
in the linux-image-extra-virtual and I cannot get to it because when i 
install the extra I get the 3.0.0-13 version.

I currently run an openstack cactus on a single server.  I want to mount 
a volume as the root of a virtual machine similar to Amazon EBS so I can 
simply reuse the volume when I need to terminate an instance and 
recreate it.  Is that possible to do with nova-volumes?

Lastly, has anyone read "Deploying Openstack" from Ken Pepple?  What do 
you think of the book?



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