[ubuntu-cloud] Cloud establishment on 2 physical systems

Sharath Chandra Guntuku sharathchandra92 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 04:05:06 UTC 2011


I am working on establishing a cloud environment in my university. I
initially set it up on one physical system and things were alright.
Now I am trying to extend it to two physical systems, with one machine
for NC and other machine for remaining controllers.

This is my setup - Two machines, both with 2 NICs. On the Cloud
controller, eth1 is for accessing the internet and lan. eth0 is
connected to the other machine on which I want to install the node

I am using UEC for setting up eucalyptus. I am done with installing
the cloud controller. When I am trying to install the Node controller,
I am choosing eth0 as the primary interface ( while installing using
UEC). And it is giving me -" Not able to configure the network using
DHCP". I am doing it manually and putting the configuration on the
same subnet as the Cloud controller is. Then it is asking me to
identify if there are any cloud controllers on the network, I am
giving the hostname and it is able to recognise the cc, but it is
saying that the walrus storage service is not available.

I chose to install both walrus and the node on this system and after
that, I am not able to ping each other.

I am stuck on this for the last 2 weeks, but am not able to get to a
proper solution.

Need some help!

Thanks and Regards,
Sharath Chandra
BITS Pilani,
3rd Year Computer Science

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