[ubuntu-cloud] Instance stopped responding after reboot

Chetan Sarva csarva at evidon.com
Mon May 2 18:43:29 UTC 2011


I have an EC2 instance running 10.04. On Friday 4/29 around 15:00 EDT
I ran a dist-upgrade and rebooted. It failed to start correctly and I
tried several times to send a reboot command via the AWS console.
Assuming the instance was dead for some unknown reason (possibly due
to a bad kernel or other issue during upgrade) I ignored it and
continued on, without terminating the instance.

Today, 5/2, at around 03:46 EDT, the instance suddenly came back to
life. I've no clue why or how this is possible. AFAIK, EC2 won't
automatically restart an instance. Perhaps one of my previous restart
commands only now took affect after sitting in an internal queue
someone for a while? Has anyone seen something like this before and/or
have any ideas about what might have happened?

Here's a dmesg dump if it helps any:




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