[ubuntu-cloud] Can't SSH into instances with certain IPs

Andreas 619forlife at web.de
Mon Mar 28 12:48:30 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

I have a problem with SSHing into certain instances..

In our Cloud we have 2 public IPs available:
- XX.XX.XX.98 and
- XX.XX.XX.75

Here is the problem:
- When an image gets started with IP XX.XX.XX.98, I can SSH into it.
- When the same image gets started with IP XX.XX.XX.75, I CAN't  SSH 
into it. I get an "access denied" SSH error.

Does anybody have an idea what is wrong?
- I can ping both IPs without a problem..
- euca-get-console-output also works for instances running on any of the 
2 IPs
- I used euca-authorize to enable tcp and icmp for IPs on port 
22 and 3389


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