[ubuntu-cloud] Unable to contact metadata service

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at canonical.com
Tue Mar 1 17:00:11 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm running a simple all-Lucid 2-machine cloud (frontend and node).
 The frontend is a KVM guest.  The problem is that after booting an
instance I cannot contact it via ICMP or SSH.  According to

2011-03-01 15:00:11,341 - DataSourceEc2.py[WARNING]: waiting for
metadata service at
2011-03-01 15:00:11,343 - DataSourceEc2.py[WARNING]:   15:00:11 [
1/100]: url error [timed out]

The frontend can contact port 80 on

Can this problem be due to the virtual nature of the frontend?  What to do?


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