[ubuntu-cloud] any kernel modules requested for -virtual kernel?

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 13 20:44:21 UTC 2011

Hello all,
   I just ran into a bug where the -virtual kernel was missing a module
(veth) that I needed for something I was doing with a cloud-image on
openstack (bug 903897).

   I figured it would be valuable to ask a larger community which modules
you've wanted to use in a cloud instance.   I know people on these lists
use Ubuntu instances for a wide variety of things.

   Have you ever used a cloud-image or ubuntu on EC2 and found a kernel
module missing that you wanted to use?
   Is there Anything that would make your life easier if you had it?

   Note, that in 11.10, the kernel team added the
'linux-image-extra-virtual' meta package, which contains everything that
didn't make the '-virtual' whitelist.  So if you're in need of a module,
it is probably available there.
  For the current precise kernel (3.2.0-4-virtual), I've posted a full
list of modules [1] and the config [2] for easy viewing.

[1] http://paste.ubuntu.com/769394/
[2] http://paste.ubuntu.com/769400/

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