[ubuntu-cloud] Can't SSH into instances with certain IPs

Andreas 619forlife at web.de
Fri Apr 1 00:27:25 UTC 2011

Hey Ahmed,

unfortunatly I still can't SSh to IP XX.XX.XX.75.
I haven't mentioned, that the IP XX.XX.XX.75 was added afterwards.
A clean restart of the cc was performed...
Maybe this is the reason why I can't SSH to it, because it was added 
As I already said:
- SSH works for IP XX.XX.XX.98 only
- Ping works for both IPs..

I included the content of the eucalyptus.local.conf here:

Do you have any suggestions?


On 29.03.2011 15:16, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
> hmm doesn't look like a firewall issue. Seems like the key is being
> rejected .. Did you use "euca-add-keypair" to add your key. Are you sure
> you're starting your instance with the right key. Perhaps you want to
> try adding a new key, launch an instance using that and see if you can
> use that new key to connect ?
> On 03/29/2011 03:05 PM, Andreas wrote:
>> Hey Ahmed,
>> below is the link with the pasted output:
>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/586849/
>> Hope you can help
>> THX Andreas
>> On 28.03.2011 15:27, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
>>> On 03/28/2011 02:48 PM, Andreas wrote:
>>>> Hey guys,
>>>> I have a problem with SSHing into certain instances..
>>>> In our Cloud we have 2 public IPs available:
>>>> - XX.XX.XX.98 and
>>>> - XX.XX.XX.75
>>>> Here is the problem:
>>>> - When an image gets started with IP XX.XX.XX.98, I can SSH into it.
>>>> - When the same image gets started with IP XX.XX.XX.75, I CAN't SSH
>>>> into it. I get an "access denied" SSH error.
>>>> Does anybody have an idea what is wrong?
>>>> - I can ping both IPs without a problem..
>>>> - euca-get-console-output also works for instances running on any of
>>>> the 2 IPs
>>>> - I used euca-authorize to enable tcp and icmp for IPs on
>>>> port 22 and 3389
>>> Hi Andreas,
>>> Can you try pasting "ssh -vv XX.XX.XX.75" on paste.ubuntu.com

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