[ubuntu-cloud] Upgrading Old Intrepid EC2 instance

Simon Detheridge simon at widgit.com
Wed Sep 29 15:27:43 BST 2010


I am running some heavily modified instances based on the original canonical Intrepid images from quite a while ago. (Yes, I know they are long overdue for maintenance)

I have converted my instance-store backed images to ebs-backed images, and can boot them up quite happily from snapshots. What I was hoping to do was: 
- Upgrade to Jaunty, snapshot disk, create new image based on that snapshot with updated AKI/ARI ids, start back up
- Repeat for Karmic
- Repeat for Lucid

I fell at the first hurdle. do-release-upgrade completed without error. Snapshotted the disk and attempted to launch a new instance with kernel aki-adb69ed9 and ramdisk ari-a9b69edd (both 2.6.28-12-xen-i386)

After launch, nothing happens. No output to the console that I can see with elasticfox, and ssh is not running.

My questions: Is what I'm trying to do even possible, and if not why? -- I don't really want to have to go through the process of setting up the instances from scratch again. It will take a long time.


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