[ubuntu-cloud] A new kind of smart backup/restore system, powered by Amazon S3

Liraz Siri liraz at turnkeylinux.org
Thu Sep 9 15:29:32 BST 2010

Big news everybody!

Yesterday we finally unveiled an open source innovation we've been
working on under the radar for the last year now. TKLBAM (TurnKey Backup
and Migration) is a new kind of smart, fully automated, system-level
backup and restore facility powered by Amazon S3.


Fully automating the backup and restore process makes it practical for
the first time to easily test backups "in the cloud", and migrate full
systems (e.g., servers) anywhere in minutes regardless of the underlying
hardware or location. That's not hyperbole BTW, and we have a screencast
to prove it (or you can just try it).

Example usage scenarios:

* migrate a local deployment to a cloud server
* migrate a cloud server to any other cloud server (or VPS)
* migrate a virtual machine to bare metal
* migrate from an Ubuntu Hardy based appliance to a new installation
  based on Ubuntu Lucid
* migrate from Debian to Ubuntu
* migrate from from 32-bit to 64-bit

In a nutshell, we designed this as our ideal backup system. Imagine a
fully automated backup and restore system with no pain. That you don't
need to configure. That just magically knows what to backup and, just as
importantly, what not to backup, to create super efficient, encrypted
backups of changes to files, databases, package management state, even
users and groups.

TKLBAM is licensed under the GPL3.

Liraz Siri
Cell: +972-54-2013512

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