[ubuntu-cloud] Running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "offline" in KVM

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 22 16:36:50 BST 2010

On Fri, 22 Oct 2010, Richard Harvey wrote:

> Hi all,
> I see now that ubuntu 10.10 ships with these two extra files:
> maverick-server-uec-amd64-floppy
> maverick-server-uec-amd64-loader
> This allows you to run 10.10 locally in KVM without a cloud so you can test
> your images before deploying them. As detailed here:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images
> However you can't do this to test a 10.04 image, so my questions are:
> 1.) Has anyone managed to backport this so you can run a 10.04 LTS image
> locally?
> 2.) Or has anyone managed to achieve running a image locally using another
> method?

It can be done... its just that I went through and made it user friendly
for 10.10.

What I was doing in 10.04 is available at
read 'Workflow.txt' , thats the doc that is there... it was really just me
wanting to test locally, and doing it in a hacky manner.

> This would be extremely useful as I want to run the LTS version for the
> deployments, but It would be nice to test locally at first.

Yeah.... The big things that made this possible were
a.) cloud-init features
b.) cloud-init inclusion of 'uncloud-init', so that file (that is
basically pushed into the instance by the 'boothooks' stuff above) is
already there, so you dont have to mount loop and use root.

> Thanks in advance.

If you wanted to clean some of the boothooks stuff up or better document
it, I would be willing to help you along.

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