[ubuntu-cloud] best way to migrate an ebs backed image between regions

Jonathan Marston jon.marston at englishcentral.com
Wed Oct 20 21:42:32 BST 2010


I'm looking to customize an ubuntu 10.10 ebs backed instance in the us-east region that i will ultimately need to run in the asia-pacific region.

I've use ec2-migrate-image in the past to transfer s3 backed images, specifying the appropriate kernel and ramdisk with the command. But I didn't find any tools for ebs backed images.

I found this guide for transferring:  http://blog.taggesell.de/index.php?/archives/85-Amazon-EC2-How-to-migrate-an-EBS-backed-image-from-US-to-EU-or-wherever.html

Is this guide best practice for such a procedure? Is there a cleaner way to transfer snapshots and reregister images between us-east-1 and ap-southeast-1 ?

Jon Marston

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