[ubuntu-cloud] Running the UEC images in VirtualBox - /dev/disk/by-label/uec-rootfs does not exist.

Laurence Rowe l at lrowe.co.uk
Sun Oct 10 21:56:39 BST 2010

I'm trying to run the 32bit 10.10 UEC release in VirtualBox 3.2.8. To
do this, I first convert the image to VDI using:

  $ VBoxManage convertfromraw -format VDI maverick-server-uec-i386.img

In order for VirtualBox to use the floppy boot image, it must be
renamed to end .iso and set as the CD (not floppy) boot image:

  $ cp maverick-server-uec-i386-floppy maverick-server-uec-i386-floppy.iso

Additionally you must "Enable PAE/NX" under Settings -> System -> Processor.

On booting I am presented with the grub boot screen and choose
"uec-image with ubuntu:ubuntu" and after a while I see the messages:

  "Gave up waiting for root device."
  "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-label/uec-rootfs does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"

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