[ubuntu-cloud] Connecting to Instance

Indra Suryatama indra_suryatama at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 03:03:38 GMT 2010

Hey everyone,


I have successfully setup my front end(CC,CLC,Walrus, and S3) also my Node

And I have download image ubuntu 10.04 from image store, 


When I run my instances , for a short time it will be on pending state.
after I wait for sometime 

It goes to running state.

So I think I can run my instances correctly


The main problem is how to connect to the instance that already running on
my system

I have create an keypair named mykey.priv

After that I try to connect with write down following command:


Ssh -i mykey.private root at


I got this following error:




Permissions 0644 for 'mykey.priv' are too open

It is recommended that your private key is not accessible by others

The private key will be ignored

Bad permissions: ignore key:mykey.private

Permission denied(public key)


What should I do? Thanks before



    Best Regards

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Indra Suryatama






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