[ubuntu-cloud] Refreshed UEC Images of 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) [20101228]

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 31 02:29:55 UTC 2010

A new release of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Images for stable Ubuntu
release 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is available at [1].  Images are available
for download or immediate use on EC2 via published AMI ids.

There are a few important updates since the 20101020 release [2].
 * The root volume for EBS root instances has been changed from 15G to
   8G [3].  This is to allow official images to run in the AWS
   "Free Usage Tier" [4].  The 8G size was chosen based on advice
   from Amazon.
 * Images now can be run with pv-grub kernels [5], allowing kernel via
   reboot upgrades in running instances.  The default registered kernel
   for each image is still the appropriate linux kernel, but the images
   have a usable /boot/grub/menu.lst built in, and can be launched with
   the pv-grub kernel by specifying the appropriate kernel at launch time.

   The goal is to get feedback and find bugs in this set of instances,
   with the intent of enabling pv-grub kernels by default in the refresh.

   Please test this new feature by specifying the appropriate Amazon owned
   'pv-grub-hd0-V1.01' kernel when launching:
    region ________| i386 aki ____| amd64 aki
    ap-southeast-1 | aki-13d5aa41 | aki-11d5aa43
    eu-west-1      | aki-4deec439 | aki-4feec43b
    us-east-1      | aki-407d9529 | aki-427d952b
    us-west-1      | aki-99a0f1dc | aki-9ba0f1de

 * prompts on upgrade of grub-pc are now avoided (LP: #683379)

 * linux-image-2.6.32-311-ec2 [6] and linux-image-2.6.32-27-virtual [7]
   were updated to address dozens of bugs and CVEs.
   The full list is available at [8].

If you are using a previous release, you should update in order to receive
the kernel change.  The kernel cannot be changed in an Ubuntu 10.04 based
image by package upgrade.

Other changes can be obtained via software update (apt-get upgrade).  The
only cost is in time to perform the update (and working around
bug 683379).

The following is a complete list of changes in the included packages.
For a list of changes to these packages, see the package changelog.

 * libk5crypto3, libkrb5support0, libkrb5-3, libgssapi-krb5-2 updated
   (1.8.1+dfsg-2ubuntu0.2 => 1.8.1+dfsg-2ubuntu0.3)
 * libk5crypto3 libkrb5support0 libkrb5-3 libgssapi-krb5-2 updated
   (1.8.1+dfsg-2ubuntu0.3 => 1.8.1+dfsg-2ubuntu0.4)
 * libfreetype6 updated
   (2.3.11-1ubuntu2.2 => 2.3.11-1ubuntu2.4)
 * dpkg updated
   ( =>
 * libapparmor-perl apparmor apparmor-utils libapparmor1 updated
   (2.5-0ubuntu3 => 2.5.1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1)
 * update-manager-core updated (1:0.134.10 => 1:0.134.11)
 * libxml2 updated (2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1 => 2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1.1)
 * plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text libplymouth2 plymouth updated
   (0.8.2-2ubuntu2 => 0.8.2-2ubuntu2.1)
 * libudev0 udev updated (151-12.1 => 151-12.3)
 * libssl0.9.8 openssl updated (0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.3 => 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.5)
 * tzdata updated (2010m-0ubuntu0.10.04 => 2010o-0ubuntu0.10.04)
 * grub-common grub-pc updated (1.98-1ubuntu7 => 1.98-1ubuntu9)
 * libc6-i686 libc-bin libc6 libc6-xen updated
   (2.11.1-0ubuntu7.4 => 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.6)
 * libss2 libcomerr2 e2fsprogs e2fslibs updated
   (1.41.11-1ubuntu2 => 1.41.11-1ubuntu2.1)
 * rsyslog updated (4.2.0-2ubuntu8 => 4.2.0-2ubuntu8.1)
 * cloud-init updated (0.5.10-0ubuntu1.3 => 0.5.10-0ubuntu1.5)
 * libisccc60 libisccfg60 libdns64 libbind9-60 liblwres60 libisc60
   bind9-host dnsutils updated
   (1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1 => 1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1ubuntu0.1)
 * '-virtual' kernel updated
   (linux-image-2.6.32-25-virtual => linux-image-2.6.32-27-virtual)
 * '-ec2' kernel updated
   (linux-image-2.6.32-309-ec2 => linux-image-2.6.32-311-ec2)
 * grub-legacy-ec2 package added (0.5.10-0ubuntu1.5)

[1] http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/server/releases/lucid/release-20101228/
[2] http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/server/releases/lucid/release-20101020/
[3] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-on-ec2/+bug/670161
[4] http://aws.amazon.com/free/
[5] http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2010/07/use-your-own-kernel-with-amazon-ec2.html
[6] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ec2
[7] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux
[8] http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux-ec2/linux-ec2_2.6.32-311.23/changelog

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