[ubuntu-cloud] cloud architectures - grid? how about grid on EC2?

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Grid computing has a very large base of implementations (science, medicine,
education) but its not a useful model for everything.
That said, have a look at MIT's StarCluster
It runs on Amazon EC2, uses Sun Grid Engine (SGE) and Ubuntu AMI's and
I believe its mostly written in python.

They've layering a grid (SGE) architecture on top of AWS's EC2 which makes
for some very interesting possibilities in itself.

I believe it should be able to run on Canonical's UEC also give a few minor
changes in the main config file to point
to the UEC instead of EC2.

MIT has a pretty good YouTube video that shows StarCluster in
how simple it is to submit "jobs" to the EC2 grid cluster



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Hi Ahmed,
I believe a true cloud would be best run on a Grid infrastructure, not in
the way Amazon and others are simply setting you up with a virtual
machine which can only scale to set hardware implemented on.  This needs
optimization at the Linux Kernel level for efficient real-time
scalability.  XtreemOS, another open source Linux server project is making
great progress in this area and I would like if anyone working on
Ubuntu server/cloud take a look at their code for possible implementation.


Redundancy is also an area in which needs addressing, Cloud assets should
have an exact duplicate in different Physical locations with
different ISP's

Seamless integration between IPV4 and IPV6

For those on Facebook there is a group specific to XtreemOS:

I hope this information is helpful to you or anyone developing Ubuntu
server and cloud architecture.
Bill Detty
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