[ubuntu-cloud] how to use root with winscp login?

John M. Pugh john.pugh at canonical.com
Sat Aug 28 12:42:43 BST 2010

On 08/28/2010 05:26 AM, Hu Houcun wrote:
> When I want use root account login from winscp , but can't login.
> before , I already use ubuntu login success , and done "sudo passwd root"
> But I use the root account login from putty and winscp still fail.
> How do I login ubuntu server 10.04 amazon ec2  from winscp and have all
> permisson ? or can use root account.

You may want to post this to a WinSCP list as it's a bit off-topic for
this list.

I have not used WinSCP in a very long time, but was under the impression
that it had a privilege escalation option?

The obvious disclaimer that what you are attempting to do is likely not
a good idea hence the reason to use sudo.

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