[ubuntu-cloud] Ubuntu Cloud Sever

Terry Talim melanyor at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 21:28:52 BST 2010

I have an idea of what cloud computing is but I would really like to truly

This is what I know or at least think I know please tell me if I'm wrong or
if there's more to it.
I believe cloud computing is like using a thin client the programs you are
using are not stored or run on the local computer but on a server or group
of servers. Also the data is not saved on the local computer but on servers.

Some examples of cloud computer are productivity software such as Google
docs. Another example is remote storage such as Ubuntu one or Dropbox.

What can Ubuntu Cloud Sever be used for? Is it just remote storage or is
there more to it then that?

Thank you very much I know I'm asking for a lot
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