[ubuntu-cloud] [launchpad-net] RFC: EC2 / UEC Image updates

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 15 19:29:58 BST 2009

On Thu, 10 Sep 2009, Eric Hammond wrote:

> Scott Moser wrote:
> > This will apply to Karmic (9.10) and following releases.  Additionally, it
> > will apply to Hardy (8.04).

Our priority right now for ec2 images is Karmic/9.10.  We want to make
Karmic as solid as possible.

The next priority is the LTS release Hardy/8.04.  I hope to release
updated versions of Hardy sometime soon, hopefully the end of the week I
can publish something for testing.

After that, I consider Intrepid and then Jaunty.  The reason for Intrepid
being favored over Jaunty is that we've got a more stable kernel for
Intrepid.  Getting stable kernels has been the most difficult part of
producing content for ec2.

The Jaunty kernel right now has issues in some zones (bug 398568).  The
Intrepid kernel also has issues (bug 415032), but they're less severe (no
console output).

Do you think that servicing Jaunty is useful without addressing 398568 ?
I don't see a lot of value in refreshing the user space image, and leaving
the kernel unstable, and don't know that we have the resources right now
to dedicate towards getting the kernel stable.

It may be an option to pursue using the karmic kernel with jaunty and
intrepid userspace, and servicing them that way.  The one issue I see with
that is in making modules available (bug 429169) to them.  I've not tested
whether or not karmic kernel packages will install in jaunty or intrepid
userspace without issues.  If not, its not a huge issue, but would require
some solution.

So, thats where we are.  6 weeks away from producing what we hope is a
useful, current, and serviceable ec2 image in 9.10 release.

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