[ubuntu-cloud] Adding a node?

Benjamin Campbell benji.campbell at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 19:29:09 GMT 2009

Hi all

I have set up a two machine "cloud". One machine hosting the Cloud
Controller, and the second is running the Node Controller. After a few
struggles I apparently have both machines configured however my single
NC doesn't appear in my availability zones and I am unable to deploy
any instances. Initially I had some troubles adding the node when the
process tried to scp the keys to the node. However I manually scp them
to the machine and subsequent attempts to register the node appeared
successful. In addition the node is listed in the eucalyptus.conf

My physical setup includes to machines :
node1.nodes.campbell.local( => Cloud Controller/Frontend
node2.nodes.campbell.local( => Node Controller

Both machines are running the fresh install of UEC from the Ubuntu
9.10 Server iso.

benji at node1:/var/log/eucalyptus$ euca-describe-availability-zones verbose
AVAILABILITYZONE        campbell
AVAILABILITYZONE        |- vm types     free / max   cpu   ram  disk
AVAILABILITYZONE        |- m1.small     0000 / 0000   1    128     2
AVAILABILITYZONE        |- c1.medium    0000 / 0000   1    256     5
AVAILABILITYZONE        |- m1.large     0000 / 0000   2    512    10
AVAILABILITYZONE        |- m1.xlarge    0000 / 0000   2   1024    20
AVAILABILITYZONE        |- c1.xlarge    0000 / 0000   4   2048    20

I would appreciate any insight or clue as to where to proceed from
here in order to have the node recognized.

Ben Campbell

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