[ubuntu-cloud] [newbie] Can I do this?

Trudy Cool trudy_cool at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 12 19:30:57 BST 2009

That's great to know, Nick.  Thanks.

This leads me to a further question.  :-)

I want to host a big Internet application (currently under development) at our local data center.  The nature of the beast involves fairly steady usage, but with peak traffic at certain hours, rising to greater peaks at week end, month end and year end.

How easily can I have a Eucalyptus cloud in our data-center to handle the week to week traffic (say), but have the cloud expand itself into an Amazon EC2 space during the monthly and yearly peaks?

By "easily" I mean -- does it expand autromatically or would an operator (cron job?) have to step in before and after those peaks to _tell_ it to expand?

I should mention, possibly, that my project will most likely be using Glassfish (plus Spring Framework, Hibernate, blah, blah).  

I don't intend to use AWS stuff like storage, messaging, etc.  UNLESS  (perhaps) Eucalyptus offers the same API for those things too.  Does it?

> On 06/12/2009 01:09 AM, Trudy Cool wrote:
> > Am I correct that if I have a cloud installed on two machines (a + b), I can .
> > 1) start up and work with a virtual machine running somewhere in a, 
> > 2) turn on and boot-up b,
> > 3) keep working on the same vm now running somewhere in a or b
> > 4) shutdown a
> > 5) keep working on the same vm now running somewhere in b
> > 
> > Am off track completely or is this what a Eucalyptus cloud allows?
> No, you are completely on track even though, at the current stage, step
> 3-4-5 is something we have on the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud roadmap for
> Karmic Koala (9.10), among many other very useful features.
> Nick


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