[ubuntu-cloud] introduction to the cloud

Jose Colmenares jbcolmenares at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 22:07:39 GMT 2009

Hi all:

I'm a geoscientist, working in numericall analysis. I say this so you know
I'm not a computer scientist or expert programmer.

I'm deeply interested in cloud computing, in particular in offering software
as a service with a public cloud. I've been surfing the web for some time
now, but cannot find the answer to some questions. For example:

- Say I build a cluster, an offer it's power to perform certain tasks.
What's the difference between letting the user manage the application via a
webpage, and using Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud? what does exactly a software
like this let me do? things like "Deploy workloads and have them running
immediately. Grow or shrink computing capacity to meet the needs of your
application" don't really tell me anything specific like:

- One someone conects to my cloud, does he/she uses a webpage or ssh or
what? should I make an application to be used on a cloud with QT or gtk?

that's the kind of questions that I have. I'm sorry if this is not the place
for such questions, but could someone please direct me to where those
answers are? again, sorry if I misplaced the question.

Best regards,
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