[ubuntu-cloud] Official Ubuntu 8.04 AMIs updated

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 2 17:32:55 GMT 2009

Hello all,
   I got no negative response in my call for testing that I sent
out about a month ago.  So, yesterday, I've published updated AMIs of the
official Ubuntu 8.10 (Hardy Heron) ec2 images.
   With these images come new 2.6.24-10 kernels.

   Compared with the previously released hardy images, the new ones fix at
least the following bugs:
- bug 308530 [ec2-init]: wait for metadata service before getting user
  data or using metadata service.
- bug 420635 [kernel]: fix kernel for local privilege escalation
- bug 421707 [landscape-client]: cron job is broken

   I hope you find these functional and useful.

   Remember that there are officially released images of Ubuntu 9.10
(Karmic Koala) and development on Lucid Lynx has begun.


region   | ami        | manifest
eu-west-1 ami-cf1932bb ubuntu-images-eu/ubuntu-hardy-8.04-amd64-server-20091130.manifest.xml
eu-west-1 ami-c31932b7 ubuntu-images-eu/ubuntu-hardy-8.04-i386-server-20091130.manifest.xml
us-east-1 ami-4428ca2d ubuntu-images-us/ubuntu-hardy-8.04-amd64-server-20091130.manifest.xml
us-east-1 ami-7e28ca17 ubuntu-images-us/ubuntu-hardy-8.04-i386-server-20091130.manifest.xml

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