[ubuntu-cloud] libvirt: unknown OS type hvm (code=16)

Nick Barcet nick.barcet at canonical.com
Tue Aug 18 06:54:44 BST 2009

On 08/18/2009 12:21 AM, Dong Ruan wrote:
> I installed Eucalyptus V 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 9.04, but every time when I 
> tried to run an instance of my VM, the instance pending first, then it 
> just terminated itself. I checked nc.log, and I found this error: 
> libvirt: unknown OS type hvm (code=16). It is about hardware 
> virtualization. It seems that my hardware doesn't support this, there is 
> no options in BIOS to turn Virtualization on. I am wondering is there 
> anyone have similar experience or any idea about this. What should I do 
> if hardware virtualization is not supported in hardware, how can I make 
> Eucalyptus work? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hello Dong,

The Euclyptus implementation on Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud requires KVM.
To check if your hardware supports KVM, run the command "kvm-ok" or
follow these steps (from [1]):

> To run KVM, you need a processor that supports virtualisation; Intel
> and AMD both have developed extensions for their processors,
> respectively INTEL-VT and AMD-V. To see if your processor supports
> one of these, you can run the following command:
> egrep '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo
> If nothing is printed, it means that your CPU doesn't support
> hardware virtualisation. Otherwise, it does - but you still need to
> make sure that virtualisation is enabled in the BIOS.

If your hardware does not support KVM, has the error you have indicated
seem to show, you will can:

1/ Use some other hardware that supports Intel VT or AMD-V (this is more
and more common now days).

2/ turn to an implementation of Eucalyptus which is based on Xen,
meaning not an Ubuntu implementation as Ubuntu does not support Xen as a
virtualisation layer (only as a guest).  Please see the Eucalyptus site
[2] for more info.

[1] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation
[2] http://www.eucalyptus.com/


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